OMG, so cute. First time watching the big game as someone “in” the “ad world.” Ok, maybe like peering in, but not “in” in. Any rate.

  • #brandbowl – ad people critiquing ads. Good times.
  • brandbowl2010 – the other half of brandbowl, with a pinch of technical failure. Whoops.
  • #sb44 – Notice how many are about the ads. Hockey doesn’t have this problem.
  • #sbads – Non ad people (also known as “consumers”) critiquing ads.
  • Squawq.com/superbowl – Tracking the chatter from all of Twitter. Interesting. Unrelated: taking over/under when they get a takedown notice from the NFL.

Super Bowl Shuffle: Why Marketers Will Shift to ‘Platforms’